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Video of the author (me) reviewing his reviews for his novel, “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Hello You. Welcome. This post is, briefly, about this novel of mine:

SELF-PORTRAIT OF SOME ELSE, novel, video, reviews

I’ve had a quick creative moment to just video me and some words and images where I’m reading bits from some reviews that I got once upon a time for this novel of mine, cracking wise, gently, getting arch, as necessary.

This is performed in my continuing effort to produce something good, let the world know about it (gently, archly, as necessary), and then do it again.

The video is simple, it’s swift, it aims to inform, please and low-grade beg. If so moved, please leave a comment (either down below or on the YouTube page), and/or pass it on, investigate further, learn a musical instrument, dance the rumba, and love love love my freaking book.

Oh, yeah, the video. Click-click here-here to see-see (or behold-behold): Reviewing the Reviews.

Story – “The Job Interview” from “Self-Portrait of Someone Else” reissue

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Once upon a time, Viking-Penguin big time publisher put out my first novel, “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”. It was quietly re-issued in late 2009.

That means it is for sale in its new paperback form.


The New York Times Sunday Book Review called it “a brave literary debut”. Publisher’s Weekly called it “ striking first novel”.

Here’s a free .pdf file of a self-contained excerpt, called “The Job Interview”, for downloading and reading at your leisure.

Here’s a link to the Hidden People publishing site if this excerpt gives you a tingle and you want to buy the novel.

Enjoy your read…