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Story — Spring is in the air because my neck muscles are coming back.

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Neck Muscles exercise looking at women
Spring is in the air because my neck muscles are coming back.

Their return is due to a repetitive exercise that occurs around this time of year, primarily performed while driving in my car in the city or simply walking down the street.

This happens every year since I have lived in Belgium.

Suddenly, where once there were bulky overcoats, lumpy sweaters, long warming skirts, there are now t-shirts, there are short skirts, there are hugging jeans, there are less-is-more everywhere the eye can leer, and voilà, the female form, in all its flagrant permutations, left, right, coming at me, going by me, as my big eyes try to take in all this captivating new information, remembering, getting giddy. Yes, women do have actual bodies with actual shapes.

Like flowers all at once appearing everywhere on the sidewalk, the female form once again there, really right there.
This wonderment may fade with familiarity, within a week or two or three (or four or five), and I’ll be once again used to the female form returned from hibernation everywhere I look, as my neck muscles flex left, then right, as women come at me, go past me, firming, strengthening, informing me that Spring has truly sprung.