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Story – Mike Grange, automobile mechanic, finds himself

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

car mechanic tells his story of becoming a lawyer in spite of himself
It’s hell now, just pure hell. Ever since I found myself, I see things differently, and it’s not particularly fun. It’s a whole new orientation. I sort of liked the way I saw things before, before I found myself. God, life, and me, were a lot simpler then. When I didn’t have a clue as to my real self was, I was pretty glad to just be living and sticking my hands in some nuts and bolts, proud when a motor purred. And after work, it was TV, beer, Sunday football games, the basics. It was a pretty good life.

Then I had to go and find myself.

And I discover I should’ve been a lawyer all this time. Jesus….

So now I’m attending night school, acquiring sophisticated tastes, learning big words, manipulating logical thought and instinctively looking for loopholes. I go to foreign films and like brandy. I read. Big books with small print. Front to back, even the footnotes. I’m hooked. It’s depressing.

But I just don’t know if it’s all worth it—really. This Self stuff. I’ve got all these new ambitions and worries. Career goals and financial liabilities. It’s tough. I wouldn’t recommend a true sense of self to anyone who’s been fooling himself for years and has already gotten used to who he thinks he is and has his habits, a beer belly, a life….

Maybe if I had discovered myself earlier, before I had all these pleasant memories when I didn’t know who I really was but was having a good time anyway.

My old friends really think I’m crazy now. They say, “Come on, Mike, you’re crazy. Stop going to college. My carburetor’s starting to go on the blink.” But I explain to these people, “This is the real me, since I found myself.” They back off as though I’ve gone loony.

Who knows. Maybe they’re right.

Nowadays, I just try to keep me to myself, stop having these urges to bill people for my time, and suffer in silence….

Taken from the book, “How to Find Yourself (or a reasonable facsimile).

STORY – Red Ball

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Once more the little girl pushed the red ball into the empty middle of the big room. She steadied it, let go, stepped back and watched. It swayed a moment as though getting some balance, then slowly moved on its own, returning in a slow roll back to the corner where it always seemed to want to be.

The girl watched it roll to the corner. Once there it stayed there. She went over and poked it with her index finger but it did not move. She did it once again and once more and once again the same thing happened. Every time. Ball in middle of the room. Ball roll to the empty corner on its own. Stop, stay, there.

In another corner was all the furniture of the room. All the lamps and rugs, the sofa and tables and stuff had gone to that corner all on its own and the girl didn’t know how it happened. One day everything of the living room was in its place. The next it was in the corner.

In another corner was her mother and her father and her little baby brother. They had stayed in the same position in the same way for two days now like rag-dolls one flopped on the other. The girl went to her father, and grabbed the cuff of his jacket, pulled it and pointed to the ball in the opposite corner. “Dad, the ball. It’s doing funny things.” Dad did not respond.

The girl walked once again and once more over to the ball all the way over on the opposite corner and picked it up and carried and put it smack dab in the middle of the room and sat between the ball and its favorite corner. The red ball swayed again again again and rolled at her and at the last moment it served around smoothly without hesitation and went to its corner. The girl quietly followed it with her eyes.

“Weird ball,” she told it.

The girl looked at the last of the four corners where an unmoving figure seemed to be sitting on a stool with a long blanket over him her it. If she watched there were movements sometimes. Like a hand reaching up to scratch an itch on its nose, but also like a rat running around restlessly behind. The girl stayed away from that corner.

She went to the ball again. She picked it up, brought it to the middle of the room, put it down, then draped herself over it, holding it down, holding it still, with all her body weight, which was a bit less than it had been two days ago because she hadn’t eaten much in two days. She looked to one corner. “Watch, daddy! Watch, mommy!”

She tried to lay more heavily on the ball, using all her small power, flopped atop it like a rag-doll herself. She waited for the red ball to move.

A song, the businessman, memory lapse, an actor with scruples

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Another week, another video.

In performing what is often called Promotion for this first book that my publishing company is launching, one would offer to the market a single video, maybe two. I, however, have more than just a couple of videos, mainly because I enjoy making them and have talented people willing and at hand.

Anyway, I have little interest in “offering to the market”. How about just entertaining some folks who like the kind of stuff I do.

The four bits in this video did not find their way into last week’s “Reader Testimonials” video (see my previous blog post) because they deserved more room, more breathing space, were slightly different in approach than the others (each unfolds over time) and hey they cut well together.

As always, hope you who read this enjoy this offering. Make a comment on the YouTube comments page, or this blog if you are so inclined. Mostly, if you like, that’s enough. If you want to pass along to others you know, happy days all around.

Next week, another vid. I think it’ll be one where they read out favorite bits from the book.
Book cover, partial

Here’s the link:

A song, the businessman, memory lapse, an actor with scruples

About my Reader Testimonial video for my “How To Find Yourself” Book

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Weird Muttering Motor Scooter guy gives book the thumbs up

Here’s the link to the video:

Recently I put out a “Teaser” video, as they say in the industry. That video was meant to tease you into wanting to see (or can’t-wait-to-see) this video. Now you how how great creative minds work in the promotional world.

Except I found when editing that there’s just way too much good material that didn’t fit. So this video is one in a line of more videos coming your way. All right, just call me a one big unending tease.

The idea is to have some fun doing this. Amuse viewers giving of their time & attention. And if someone somewhere down the road purchases my creative little nugget, so much the better.

For the time being, it’s just fun spreading the word.

The idea behind this video is: when some videos on book launches came my way online, I’d look (I fancied up this activity by calling it research). There’s lots of mostly earnest videos out there. Videos that work hard to brand and market and “share” in the name of selling. They made my eyes go ouch. I recall one, obviously held at some swank New York launch party, where people were herded into some corner of some bar with music and launch-party merriment going on off-screen. One after another extolled the virtues of some book about being the best thing on publishing “in years”. And “this book breaks down the barriers…” And, “a defining moment in–” — can’t write anymore of this. My keyboard gags.

Right then I said, I have to make me one of those testimonials video thingies. But turn it right on its head. As it deserves. And since my book is about a bunch of so-called made-up experts delivering their self-help wisdom and weird silliness, this Testimonial Video should do just that. (Italics & bold are my ideas of blog Hollywood lights flashing through the night sky.)

Then I asked 24 people to volunteer for this. 20 stood tall. Three others showed initial eagerness but died by the wayside. Another was in a distant country.

And it was because of this, the actors and friends giving so happily and fully to my ideas and what-the-fuck-try-this directions, that I decided to write & direct another play for March 2010.

Thanks for reading this, and hey, leave your damn messages right below here. This is a blog. Yell at me. I’ll yell back. (Or Add Comment at the YouTube link.)

Here (again) is the link…in case you’re too lazy to go back to the beginning of this blog. If you like it, there’s more videos to come. If you don’t like it, well, then I’ll cry myself to sleep. And wake refreshed.

Link to video

Oh–book’s cover, i.e. brand-market-share.

How to find yourself (or a reasonable facsimile) - cover