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“Barely Airborne” – a humorous non-fiction story of mine published online

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

An autobiographical piece of mine was recently published online by a non-fiction story site called “Airplane Reading”. Called “Barely Airborne” (and will be part of non-fiction collection called “Intimate Details & Bodily Functions”), you can read the piece by CLICKING HERE TO READ BARELY AIRBORNE.

But here is how it begins:

“Over there is your airplane, sir.”

The Munich airport employee had checked my one-way ticket to Rome, then gestured to the bright tarmac of that reflected a bright winter day. There, over a ways all alone and looking suspect, squatted a small airplane with twirly propeller things on its wings. It seemed more suitable for a low-grade millionaire on a budget; I expected a jet.


“Yes. As there are only two passengers scheduled for this flight, it has been shifted to this plane.”

“But I have paid business class.” My company had paid business class. This was the week where I was following a very portable electronics conference around Europe and “managing” it; we had visited Paris, London, Stockholm, Munich, and now finally Rome. My job was to arrive in a hotel with a very large room, ask technicians and other sub-manager types if everything was okay as they set things up, and then hang around watching everything go well.

My ticket-taker walked away, leaving me to venture unaided across the tarmac and board. Carrying my bag, I stepped outside, and instinctively glanced left and right in case I had to dodge any zooming incoming or outgoing planes. But nothing stirred anywhere. Things went roar on the other side of the building, but here? No other airplanes but mine, no people, no hustle, no bustle. The air was still. I walked across the tarmac, arriving at the five stairs leading up to the entry. I stopped, looking around for someone to lead me in, be interested—anything at all. Nothing. I stepped up, peeked inside the entryway, eight seats, tightly packed, no one. No one sitting or standing, no one in the cockpit. I turned and looked out and over my new desolate world. Someone appeared from the same entry hole I had. I went back down the stairs, and waited for the man, also attired to do some business, who nodded at me as he came up.

“Strange,” he said, looking back over his shoulder.

You can read the rest of it by CLICKING HERE TO READ BARELY AIRBORNE

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“I am a Super Fan”

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

The original cover of my novel, "Self-Portrait of Someone Else" published by Viking-Penguin, N.Y.

Once in a while, from the wiggling foggy ether waves of the internet, something pleasing arrives without the least fanfare. A couple of days before last Christmas, an email from a complete stranger concerning my first novel, “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”, with the subject stating, “I am a Super Fan”, had this to say, in part:

“I read A Self Portrait of Someone Else years ago. It truly changed my life at that age (late teens). I am not sure why but I have often referenced memories from the book when dealing with my own issues. I guess Tim was kind of an anti role model for me. (…) As a teenager, I carried a briefcase around with a pile of poems I wrote (kind of some stuff Tim would have written if he were a poet), pictures of an ex that overdosed and a copy of your book. Pretty much, that was all of my worldly possessions at that time in life.”

Sometimes the purpose of what I perform in relative obscurity suddenly receives such raison d’etre.


Cover of the re-issed version

Matches – “Charlie’s Grill”

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

In my continuing series of videos on matches I have kept over the years, and then pick out of this bag some years later, and then remember, recreate, imagine, what I can from the matchbook.

This one I imagine is rather romantic, and now I am adding storytelling touches that were not there in previous matches stories.

See this video by clicking on this link, this sentence.

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TagWhat & Vincent Eaton’s videos

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Towards the end of 2011, a fairly new online company called TagWhat that describe themselves as “The mobile encyclopedia of where you are” contacted me. An attentive Multimedia Content Producer there liked my videos I call “Matches” and they wanted to collaborate. The company develops and runs a located-based App for mobile devices, the idea being that when you are somewhere in the world and want to know a little about a very specific place, you can call up a story of that location using their app to look and listen to. They’ve been covered by the Wall Street Journal, AP, Mashable, and is a People’s Choice Award Winner.

After some back and forth, my “Matches” series of memory videos became part of TagWhat’s mobile encyclopedia.

This seems to be an example of what is called, “Slowly getting one’s words and stories out there one small discovery by small exposure at a time….”

And if you want to have an actual look-listen at my Matches series of videos to see what they see, you can have get to them by clicking here.

So, hey, stuff happens,


My blogs & stories—the great tick-tock of passing time changes things

Monday, February 6th, 2012

For a while now this story stuff I’m doing and letting you know about has become somewhat irregular. Once upon a time I was posting audio clips of stories on Mondays, written stories on Wednesday, then my videos on Fridays.

For me it became a bit of a mishmash of misplaced market-oriented gobbly-gook resulting in omnidirectional creative firecrackers.

Such busy routines may be useful for those entities declaring themselves ‘market-oriented novelists’, but these timely, business-like efforts caused my focus to go all asymmetrical.

It took a lot of time to do and not enough time left over to be. (To let the mind empty then wander then create then — new story!)

Much of my time during the last three years has been spent in interminable administrative tasks. Like an on-going To Do List That Would Not Die. My own private A4 sized zombie. No matter how much I did and was actually Really Productive, finishing one task usually added on another two or three more tasks for follow-up and/or investigating and/or digging deeply into more research. That’s how it goes with a publishing company: one thing always, always leads to another.

This included setting up a number of books, eBooks, connecting with audio and fabric distribution channels, triple checking formats and functioning, working with various designers on various projects, giving things A Try, making errors, making corrections, contacts hither and thither and roll-outs and videos and finding assorted virtual homes to expose my stories, their cozy homes away from home. A one-man interminable putting-things-in-place long drawn-out phase. But times ticks, things do get done, put firmly in place, and this month my To Do list has more white on it then black lines of do-me and I’m-waiting-to-be-done — a lot less of the relentless bang of attention-demanding bullet points.

So currently I’m like a side of beef taken from the flames: I’m now relaxing in my juices. Between now and the summer I’ll come out with an early novel, “The Nice Guy” and a story collection called “Intimate Dialogues”. After the copy-editing was completed, designs of their separate covers and interior layouts is moving forward. Recording and editing the audio versions, getting the eBooks in line and professionally formatted. After this, maybe a couple of more novels in 2012, or maybe a non-fiction collection, but definitely some more t-shirts and “mer-chan-dise”, and then there’s those videos….

Basta and great! I can scratch this Blog Post off my to do list. More shiny white on the sheet.

– Vincent