3/5 – Rejection Letter — Hamish Hamilton, UK: reject my novel, I’ll still eat

Here’s another in my occasional videos on rejection letters my first novel received (I have other rejection letters for other novels that I have received over the many years which also received excellent reviews as it was rejected, some of which I may or may not treat in video form one fine day).

This one concerns my only novel published by the mainstream, “Self-Portrait of Someone Else” (Viking-Penguin, New York) which tried to get some love from United Kingdom publishers by my then literary agent, Peter Lampack. This video is based on the letter and reader comments of Hamish Hamilton Limited publishers who sent the rejection to my agent, who passed it on to me. And I now pass it on to you…

One of their readers was kind in writing, “It is, however, powerful and impressive in its understanding and depiction of madness. The use of language is excellent and the style assured”.


If you want to read the actual letter from the publisher and readers, I’m posting them below in pdf files:

Hamish Hamilton rejection letter for Self-Portrait of Someone Else

Hamish Hamilton Reader Report One

Hamish Hamilton Reader Report Two

Here’s a video on this book and it is now available, both in ebook & print formats.

That’s that for this.

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