Quickie round-up

Usually, or rather, in the old days, meaning just before the summer, I had a nifty, satisfying schedule: Monday: audio — Wednesday: video — Friday: story/excerpt. That’s been blown out of the water since the summer.

Why? you may not ask.

Because I was perfecting the follow-up to all that, and lordy knows how long that takes.

I was perfecting my first issued book under my hidden people imprint, How to Find Yourself….”. Even though much care had been expended in its creation, planning and scheduling, the book had some formatting problems, mostly due to my giving the book to French speakers, and, in conjunction with my poor proof-reading skills, errors, oh horror, crept in. And declared themselves mightily only after the fact. I set about making sure that would not happen again. Switched interior layout designers, stuck in a greater number of review milestones. Now the book has been reformatted, errors removed, a more friendly font employed, the actual psysical book size made slightly smaller so it can boost creme rather than white paper, and ready to go!

I dislike perfecting the trade a bit as I go, and have any readers be dissatisfied, but that’s part of the this brave new world of Print on Demand and DYI. Anyway, this should never occur with future books.

Meanwhile, for a November launch, I’m busy formatting the illustrated version of the same How To book, which takes lots of to-ing and fro-ing between me and cartoonist. But it’ll be neat when done. Then many of these illustrations will find another life on t-shirts, cups and so on. Also for this November.

Brussegem, a snug hell, my next novel, is nearly there; have received the first proof copy in hand and voilĂ  the interior layout formatting is not the way I like it. So I’ll push it again, re-do, and will roll it out as soon as I’m satisfied.

The Boy in the Sandwich, my kids’ book, is nearly done, as far as illustrations and interior layout go. This’ll also see the light of day, for ages 8 and up, next month.

And I’m getting ready to roll out audio books to these editions as well….

More stuff coming and coming more and more between now the end of the year.

Thanks for reading….

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    like it, promising and enjoyable

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