Summertime and the blogging is easy….

Hi there, whoever you are reading this.

I’ve noted that some blog writing people take breaks over the summer, reducing frequency or simply quit posting material on their blogs. Not me. Oh no. “Buck the trend Eaton”, as I’m known in freaky cults better not mentioned here.

However, I am adjusting for a “summer blog schedule”.

What I’ve been doing—for those not paying close, obedient attention—was releasing audio clips on Mondays, videos on Wednesdays, and short-short stories on Fridays.

My summer schedule is going to be this (until a better idea pops up or I just plain Change My Mind):
One last summer video will be posted this next Wednesday, thereafter random actual written blog posts on what’s up and what’s going on. I’ve had some things on my mind and some on my plate, and what better time to put it out there but during the summer when few are paying attention?

To repeat: look forward to my tossing some thoughts and visions, expectations and plans, onto this blog over July-August, because a guy’s a guy, a writer’s a writer, and a storyteller has stories to tell.

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