STORY – Puppy’s dead!

dead puppy
Puppy dead!
My cutie little puppy.
I used to hold him fluffy and round and all warm all in my arms.
Now he’s a flat rug in the driveway. He no move.
I throw the ball for him to go fetch but he still no move.
Daddy bad daddy forgot to look when backing up big car this morning.
Puppy-doggie all brown and flat and squishy and not my cuddly-cuddly doggie out in the middle of the red wet driveway.
Who let puppy out?
Bad puppy.
Bad all the way asleep now puppy.
Why did this happen when I went to bed a happy very happy boy with puppy-puppy in his life?
Is mommy bad a bad mummy too?
Is Daddy dumb daddy?
My puppy is all dead and I am feeling dead, all too.
I cried.
Cried real loud, real long.
I cried for three days.
I cried for two and one half nights.
Then I sobbed some more.
Everyone left the house to take a walk around the block.
Away from my unhappy sobs for the dead puppy.
Then someone cleaned up the driveway.
No wet red driveway ex-puppy spots.
I walked to the middle of my lawn.
Stood there green all around my feet and the sun came out. Big and wide where I could not miss it.
I stretched me big and rolled down to the grass bounced once and smelled it deep in my nostrils and then in my all my insides.
Turned over, looked at some funny clouds for a while.
I wondered, cloud wondering, if it wasn’t time I ask to get a pussy cat.
Kitty, kitty, I will call. Kitty, kitty.

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7 Responses to “STORY – Puppy’s dead!”

  1. leemans says:

    this is very visual fun, makes you forget how heartbreaking it is!

  2. Benedicte says:

    Very touching… Is it a real story?

  3. Story, and puppy, all made up.

  4. Hee hee. A treat for an admitted non-dog lover. Thank you very much Vince.

  5. Steve Green says:

    In the comments you say the story, and puppy is all made up, whew, cos it made me laugh did this, (sorry, I do hope it WAS written tongue in cheek)

  6. Pj kaiser says:

    This is very cute – part ode, part poem, part story. Made me giggle (sorry, puppy)

  7. You can now hear the author’s video of the this story “Puppy Dead” at

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