Short story “Interruptions” published in The Cortland Review, issue 46

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This Friday, instead of my usual short-short Noises from the House story, I have a longer story that has just been published online at The Cortland Review issue 46.

The story is called “Interruptions” and is taken from my collection of short stories that will be published near Christmas this year under the title, “Intimate Dialogues”.

Hope you like. The link: INTERRUPITONS at The Cortland Review. Thanks for any commentary you have…

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2 Responses to “Short story “Interruptions” published in The Cortland Review, issue 46”

  1. peter holbrook says:

    And I thought some of my conversations didn’t go anywhere! Talk about dysfunctional! I’ll look forward to your book. It’s hard to read your stories without thinking of the possible autobiographical aspects, not that means anything beyond the advantage (or disadvantage) of knowing the author.

  2. Ah, my get out of jail cards on fiction/fact is that lots of my stuff is emotional autobiography, but that the story itself is usually sparked by a sentence or part of a single incident, and then has nothing but nothing to do with reality…outside my emotional mother lode….

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