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STORY – “The House of Diapers”

Friday, February 26th, 2010

fruit stand, New York, memory, taste, childhood

My mother calls the place she’s in, “The House of Diapers”.
I bite. “Why?” I ask.

“Because,” she answers over the telephone, me in Europe, her in Vegas, “here it’s all about different bags going back and forth in different places. They feed me to make nice poo-poo. Then I make poo and they change me. Then more food, more poo. People telephone me, I tell them I live in a shit house. They’re changing shits all day long. That’s where I live.”

She tells me about the very quiet woman she shares her room with. “I keep the curtain shut between us all the time.”
I bite yet again. “Why?” I ask.
“She paints with her poo, and eats it.”

She tells me from the best place her retirement funds can afford in Las Vegas how she remembers so many things that happened to her in her long ago world. And in great detail.

“Really?” I say, biting less.

“I’m letting my mind wander yesterday, and I remember my life when I was young, but I’m living in today, and the images get all mixed up together. Someone comes in and asks me something, and I have to look at them, and remember my circumstances, come out of my past, and this takes a few moments to do. And then they think you are old and slow and stupid. All I am is in the past, surrounded by every little detail. I’m remembering when I was a child at my Uncle’s fruit stand in New York asking him if I can have an apple and there’s the smells and sounds of the streets, it’s sunny and my uncle is talking to people of the neighborhood, weighing produce, and I’m by his side looking around as I bite into my apple and the taste is so overwhelming and sweet and then someone comes into my room and asks if I’ve gone poo in my diaper this morning. It takes a while to come back from New York and to my poo.”

She tells me how she can’t get out of her bed as she used to. How her bed is near the toilet door, but it’s just too much of an effort. How she just sleeps and sleeps. She coughs, gargles with excess saliva. I listen to her burps over the international telephone line. She sings snatches of songs. She breathes in my ear, living on.

Me, I’m still in New York, watching her uncle weigh produce.

Here’s three things concerning what I’m doing and comes straight from my “Blog About This!!!” notes.

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

future plans in storytelling + Vincent Eaton
I am currently completing the writing of a short novel (short, the only kind I like these days) called “DON’T”. About a 69 year old guy in Brussels dealing violence and urban threats, some sex, foreigners, digital photos, long-term marriage and short-term lust, a Polish cleaning lady, a comfortable sofa, robberies, hit and run accidents, haircuts and gel, police, hospitals, comas, online porn, writing workshops, possible manslaughter, navel piercing and its seems I’ve got my hands full when putting it all out there like that. Maybe it’ll be done in another couple of months? No promises. Then let it rest in a dark drawer. Thereafter, baste according to taste.

Next to be published under my hidden people company later this year is the first in my series of ARTISTS, this one called BRUSSEGEM (A Snug Hell), and after that a kid’s book called THE BOY IN THE SANDWICH. BRUSSEGEM is all proofed and copy-edited, laid out, and ready to go except for the cover. Still have to photograph the village sign of Brussegem for the cover so the graphic designer can move forward but I’ve been waiting first for the snow to melt and now waiting for the rain to stop. Everything is completed with the kid’s book, but interior layout needs fine tuning and I’m having a meeting with friend/illustrator to do an illustration for the cover as well as for each chapter…which will then turn into t-shirts and suchlike spin-offs.

I have gotten a few kind interested souls wondering on how sales actually going after “How to Find Yourself” video campaign. Ah, thanks for asking, you and whoever, but I’m not counting at this point. My POD printer and Amazon only gives a statement every quarter and pay after 60 or 90 days. I’ll see when I see, but I’ll get on the ball about this and be A Serious Business Entity. My focus right now is creation with “the rest will follow” simple-minded hopefulness attached. This indie publishing company is based on a two year build. Meanwhile, more YouTube, more blog, more stories and social media and so on and very much so forth.

I have a pretty good story I’m posting this Friday (the less-than-600-words kind), and working on another matches video for next Wednesday and a “Self-Portrait of Someone Else” video on the reviews it received. And Don’t Don’t Don’t….

Part One: Reports and Chapter 4, audio book fragment from of “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Podcast of Vincent Eaton's Self-Portrait of Someone ElseIt is Monday (yep, I skipped last week due to bad throat and general awful feeling), the next audio clip from “Self-Portrait of Someone Else” that follows on from Part One, Chapters 1-3. This is from Part One: Report, Comment, Statement & Chapter 4 (7:48 minutes in total).

To listen, click here: Audio book fragment: Reports & Part One, Chap 4, from Self-Portrait of Someone Else

You can right click after you have opened the file, and save and listen when and how you want. Thanks for showing interest and listening. Hope you enjoy.

Off for the week

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Due to a sore throat these last ten days, I was unable to keep up with my voice over for delivery of today’s podcast/audio clip. I will record further ahead in future to avoid this. Also, I am in London and off-line (happily, willingly) for the next days in workshops and conferences (video stuff). Friday is my birthday, and, as usual, I plan to do plain nothing. Usual fun and games resume next week. Thanks for reading.

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First 70 pages of Self-Portrait of Someone Else — online & free

Friday, February 12th, 2010

SELF-PORTRAIT OF SOME ELSE, novelAs I’m beginning to introduce the re-issue of my novel, Self-Portrait of Someone Else, into the big, wide world via blog, video, email, social networks and whatever else comes up, I want anyone interested to be able to read a sizeable chunk of the book. Just as you might when browsing a bookstore.And for free.

And yesyesyes, if they/you likey, buy the sucker.

Previously, I’ve put up two stand-alone story excerpts on this blog. You can also read/download those excerpts here at Hidden People.

Today I’m posting the first 70 pages of Self-Portrait of Someone Else (out of 244 pgs) in pdf. This way you can download the excerpt right to your hard disc or eReader—if it supports pdf files—and have at it during your grand and roomy leisure.

Here’s the link, along with that wondrous American word that sends you on your way, as though to a tasty meal: enjoy!)– Self-Portrait of Someone Else – first 70 pgs

Oh! You want to see the suspense-thriller bookie-trailer-type thing? Lucky, lucky you, just happen to have the link HERE–THE VIDEO.Novel, fiction, suspense, thriller

I’m using a rather chatty, throw-away style talking about this rather serious, intense book that got a lot of good reviews on its initial release and which I’ll bring up at another time, but using this chatty-shatty tone can happen when I feel I’m getting into buy-marketing-promoting-show-off mode; so I cover me up.

Book Trailer of “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Self-Portrait of Someone Else, Vincent Eaton, novel, book trailer

You’ll remember my series of videos for my humor book, “How to Find Yourself (or a reasonable facsimile)”–five in all. Now another book, completely different, and thus with a different approach.

“Self-Portrait of Someone Else” was originally published by Viking Penguin, N.Y. and is re-issued by hidden people limited. I suppose one could call it a psychological suspense thriller. Originally it was presented as a literary novel.

To view the video, CLICK HERE.

The approach I take with this video is more like a book trailer, giving a dramatic taste of the book. A “Teaser”, as they say in the biz.

Hope you like. If you like, spread. Thanks for reading this.


If you want to read a couple of stand-alone extracts of the novel, to get another sort of “taste”, here’s a link to ONE STORY and a SECOND STORY.

Audio clip–podcast-Part One, Chapter 3, “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”

Monday, February 8th, 2010

It is Monday, an audio clip from “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”. Part One, Chapter Three.

Podcast image

Hope you enjoy this and the previous two chapters were posted on previous Mondays.

To listen, click here: Part One Chap 3 Self-Portrait of Someone Else, fiction, podcast
(You can right click after you have opened the file, and save and listen when and how you want.)

Matches – Tagawa (New digital story series)

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Tagawa Restaurant and macth book

I’m introducing a new series of videos, or Digital Stories, on matches—match books I have collected from places I’ve been. These videos will be short, none running longer than two minutes. They will consist of whatever arises from of my memory when I hold the matches in my hand. I’ve been collecting matches for decades and I’ll be reaching into the jar, pulling one out, see what I remember.

Is this not just too, too exciting?

By the way, Digital Storytelling is based on the use of mostly still images, told in the personal voice of the storyteller, using images from one’s personal collection. I’ve been doing this for years. For more info, check out Center for Digital Storytelling.

Here’s the first one book of matches. Tagawa.

STORY – “Man, boy, truck, eighteen months”

Friday, February 5th, 2010

truck, story, fiction, death, mourning

The father stared down at his boy who sat there in a comfy over-stuffed chair, eyes fixed on the television screen, playing some game, doing this for hours, and the father wondered, What am I going to do with this boy?

He got in his truck and drove downtown and almost ran a red light, thinking what he was going to do about his boy.

His wife, the boy’s mother, dead eighteen months and she might have known what to do with the boy.

He met his new lady friend and they held hands going into her bedroom and they went crazy for a while and he forgot everything, but afterward he stared up at the ceiling while she pushed his penis left, then right, checking if there was any fun left in it for the day, but he was thinking about his boy.

He had coffee in a bad coffee place where everyone sat on stools or alone in booths or on chairs, thinking over their own private matters concerning what to do about something or whether there was anything to do about any of it.

He moved off from his chair and the half-bad coffee, paid and stood outside on the pavement in the sun and felt his cheeks and chin that were beginning to need a shave pretty badly, and he had to watch out, not let himself go, wondering and staring off and thinking and even thinking about chin and cheek hair like variations of staring at games on a screen, exercising the thumbs, endless testing between television images and thumb reactions.

He got in his truck and sat there and thought about his boy. The day was getting hotter.

He started the engine, put it in gear, but, still thinking, he took it out of gear, turned off his engine, and sat there for a long time.

Thinking was like his new job. Mostly he sat still, staring at the dark inside his head, wondering what to do about his boy, sometimes even thinking what to do about himself, but not as much.

Finally he started his truck again and drove back home to sit a ways off in the living room and watch his boy play his game and then watch some more, waiting for both of them to get involved with the next part of their separate lives.

Someone’s giving away a book of mine!

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Already jumping out of my regular schedule I promised only last week, just a quickie note to explain and link to Jane Steen on her web site right here to say she is running a competition and one of the prizes is my “How to Find Yourself (or a reasonable facsimile)” book. Worth a look….

How to find Yourself (or a reasonable facsimile)

That’s the cover.