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Storyteller – my story of my storytelling

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

After a year’s quiet, a new video, a story about my storytelling….


2011 begins — some plans & thoughts of things to come

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

FIRST OF ALL: I have a short video greetings for 2011 if you want to have a look click here.

For those paying attention, all five of you, after serializing Brussegem, a snug hell during the last limping weeks of 2010, I’m looking at this as my publishing schedule for 2011:

THE BOY IN THE SANDWICH (children’s fiction)
HOW TO FIND YOURSELF (illustrated version)
Stories on Stuff (Dot Hippo – kid’s textiles)
THE NICE GUY (first novel)
SLICES (novel on business)
INTIMATE DIALOGUES (short stories)
Stories on Stuff (Polite babies)
THE NEXT GENIUS (Novel on artist)
THE BLUE SPOT IN MY HEAD (Part One in fictionalized trilogy)
Stories on Stuff (3 & 4 – kid’s for Christmas)

“The Boy in the Sandwich” will be presented for the world to lick and look at very shortly. Will be putting some free chapters online on a weekly basis, along with audio clips from the novel.

The comes the new, illustrated version of “How to Find Yourself (or a reasonable facsimile)”.
Maybe a couple of chapters of that, too (again), and me reading some chapters. Also free and weekly.

These two books were supposed to see the light of day toward the end of last year, but things got reshuffled and re-organized. The first “How to” book had to be fully reformatted and laid-out due to errors I wrote about somewhere in this blog during the last year. We can’t have that again, so took time to reorganize the publishing work flow. I thought each book would take three months from finished manuscript to launch, but there’s far too much to do properly; properly takes time. So now I’m aiming at a four month launch of each book, from final period to book available.

And adjust accordingly if that still doesn’t supply enough space & time. See whether I actually keep to the publishing schedule this year….

As I have had occasion to mention: I have well over a decade of experience in international publishing in one of the top three media companies. But it is one thing being part of a system, and being the whole system oneself. So refinement in my hidden people venture was called for. To Get It Right. And no doubt this, like life, will be an on-going process.

Beyond books, next up is a final setting up with audio book distributors as I have three audio books just about done and wanting life. Same with my Stories on Stuff T-shirts and textiles and whatnot spin-offs (with “Boy in the Sandwich” and “How to” coming fully born with illustrations…).

Meanwhile, I’m thinking up stories on t-shirts and for kid’s nightwear. Then I want to make a video, or write a play, or write a 300 word story. So that’s what I do: Whatever Comes Up Next.

Thanks for dropping by and reading. –Vincent


Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

gibberish, random thoughts, blog mutterings, videos, stories

I’m busy being busy. And the following reflects it.

Or I’m busy trying to be busy. Circle stuff. Getting something halfway done when something hits my inbox and I need to turn my attention to that, and repeat such Pavlov dog behavior, and voilà by the end of the day, lots of half-done things that filled a whole day.

Let’s see if I can sweat some concerns out here. I need to do a couple more videos on my Self-Portrait of Someone Else work. Ideas: reviewing the reviews the book has gotten, and reviewing all the wonderful temporary refusals it got by UK publishers.

Also “drive” you and anyone else who reads this to my Hidden People Facebook Fan Page – a labor of half-love that went from a slow build to neglectful half-love. Haven’t pushed this because I’m not clear of its purpose and general reason why, except for doing because it’s somebody’s idea of a marketing package of indie publishers. Maybe someday I’ll do a blog on pleasepleaseplease “Join my Facebook Fan Page”, once I see the forest for the trees, as well as some mushrooms and all the leaves that turn into compost.

There’s been a lot of social media I’ve joined and tossed my books and info onto/into. Like another log on the fire, to see what burns brightest. It’s a massive world out there and lots of sites jumping up and down to get my attention and then my participation. So I can get other people’s attention, then participation.

Hey, this blog ain’t going much of anyplace, but isn’t that what so many blogs are for? Blowing off steam, or whining or venting and then instant ether death?

I also want to blab about Twitter, and some musings on videos, and Amazon, and my publishing experiences, and more, oh so much more, but you know, eyeballs, who cares? I do stories, and want to release them. Get a small living going via ’em. You can get gab elsewhere. Anywhere. I’ll just ooze words, images, performance bits up and wonderful that are story related. That’s what I think is most interesting about what I do and am and being and Zen om. Keep doing what I am doing.

That’s about it. Videos for the next few Wednesdays, promise. Thanks for reading this and wasting your time. I love you. Who are you again? Buy something. Buy what? (That’s another blog post.) Or in the word of many these days: Whatever.

The author as a live cartoon character

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Sometimes I get to do things I enjoy for money. While I do a certain amount of voice overs in a comfy studio, last week I was asked to do some live voice for animated characters at an international conference held in the Brussels Conference Center.

This was the deal. Conferences have speakers. Between speakers there’s not much snap, or great segue, no keep awake punches. The conference’s communications guy wanted some snap and got the idea of having satirical figures introducing speakers, delivering boring conference information, and suchlike. I had a contact, Tanya Arler , who got my name in the bag, and after a conversation, I landed the gig, as did Tanya.

During the morning, I played one of the two hecklers from The Muppet Show called Statler and Waldorf. I was Waldorf, the big-jaw one. muppets
Then in the afternoon, I played the Dalai Lama using a high-pitched Chinese accent that would never ever fly in the USA as being totally un-PC. Europe is less contaminated by such niceties. Satire has a bigger bite and stronger tradition in these various necks of the EU woods (what’s the old saying in the USA theater? “Satire is what closes on opening night”).Vincent Eaton as the Dalai Lama cartoon + Arnie cartoon This photo was taken off the monitor that showed what audience saw on the auditorium screen.

The performer who did the other voice sitting next to me was Olivier Schalbroeck a Belgian improv pro and we had a lot of fun sparking off each other and messing with the script. He played the other muppet and Arnie.

Here’s the technicalities. Software was used that, as I spoke into the microphone, the mouth of the character moved and the audience heard it simultaneously and, if all went well, they were entertained and laughed. For various facial movements, two techies, one per character, had joysticks and could make the eyebrows, cheeks, hairline and lots more move. Techies watching monitors & cartoon set-up Here you see the techies with 1) a joystick, 2) a screen for the characters, 3) bottom screen of the audience, and 4) camera shot of the stage.) It’s compact, workable and a bit flying by the seat of one’s pants.

Ideally one has a single director in such events. But we got three, which is always a generally awful idea. First the Communications Guy organizing the conference came in early and told us to add things to the script and interact with the audience and mock the speakers, and be daring, try things, shake it up. After we got going in the morning, our producer who put this all together, Dimitri Oosterlynck of Magicworlds, wore a headset and squatted next to us listening to suggestions/commands coming from the head booth telling us, bit by bit, not to interact with the audience so much, then skip the interacting with the conference speakers unless they did so first, not to be so “aggressive” and in short, by the afternoon, don’t be daring or shake it up. Dimitri tried to guide us as well, more gently, screening us from the client. But with three directors, three directions, and then us two talented meatballs, Olivier and me, trying to tiptoe gigantically between them and pleasing everyone and getting blander and more beige as the day wore on.

Here’s a photo I took off the monitor showing the excited looking audience seated in the conference center of Brussels.Audience in monitor waiting for Vincent Eaton to perform as cartoon character

Here’s the stage (photo off monitor again) where the cartoon characters would appear on the right when we were “on”. Stage screen

We were asked to write, then re-write the script according to what was being said by a speaker. This photo is a shot of the desk/table I sat at. script table of Vincent EatonThere are two microphones: one for making the mouth of the character move, the other to be heard in the hall. There’s the folder of the event. Pages of the script. A yellow marker, to mark My Words so I would say them and not my partner’s. A pen to add jokes and scratch out jokes and rewrite again and then wait for someone to direct me after I had said it and ell me not to be so daring, or quite so long, the next time.

Overall, it was a success, I was told. The Talent just had to be in permanent creative adjustment mode from morning to late afternoon. And it was a great energy suck. Five minutes of action, 30 or 60 or 90 minutes of wait around while a speech was made or panel discussion went on. Repeat for nine hours.

Matches – Union Oyster House (Boston)

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Boston Union Oyster (Boston) Matchbook front I picked these matches up in a eatery in Boston. I was in town for a different reason. To experience something glorious and historic. The experience ended in a small, sharp expletive.

The following video was inspired by the matchbook from the Union Oyster House.

STORY – “The House of Diapers”

Friday, February 26th, 2010

fruit stand, New York, memory, taste, childhood

My mother calls the place she’s in, “The House of Diapers”.
I bite. “Why?” I ask.

“Because,” she answers over the telephone, me in Europe, her in Vegas, “here it’s all about different bags going back and forth in different places. They feed me to make nice poo-poo. Then I make poo and they change me. Then more food, more poo. People telephone me, I tell them I live in a shit house. They’re changing shits all day long. That’s where I live.”

She tells me about the very quiet woman she shares her room with. “I keep the curtain shut between us all the time.”
I bite yet again. “Why?” I ask.
“She paints with her poo, and eats it.”

She tells me from the best place her retirement funds can afford in Las Vegas how she remembers so many things that happened to her in her long ago world. And in great detail.

“Really?” I say, biting less.

“I’m letting my mind wander yesterday, and I remember my life when I was young, but I’m living in today, and the images get all mixed up together. Someone comes in and asks me something, and I have to look at them, and remember my circumstances, come out of my past, and this takes a few moments to do. And then they think you are old and slow and stupid. All I am is in the past, surrounded by every little detail. I’m remembering when I was a child at my Uncle’s fruit stand in New York asking him if I can have an apple and there’s the smells and sounds of the streets, it’s sunny and my uncle is talking to people of the neighborhood, weighing produce, and I’m by his side looking around as I bite into my apple and the taste is so overwhelming and sweet and then someone comes into my room and asks if I’ve gone poo in my diaper this morning. It takes a while to come back from New York and to my poo.”

She tells me how she can’t get out of her bed as she used to. How her bed is near the toilet door, but it’s just too much of an effort. How she just sleeps and sleeps. She coughs, gargles with excess saliva. I listen to her burps over the international telephone line. She sings snatches of songs. She breathes in my ear, living on.

Me, I’m still in New York, watching her uncle weigh produce.

Here’s three things concerning what I’m doing and comes straight from my “Blog About This!!!” notes.

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

future plans in storytelling + Vincent Eaton
I am currently completing the writing of a short novel (short, the only kind I like these days) called “DON’T”. About a 69 year old guy in Brussels dealing violence and urban threats, some sex, foreigners, digital photos, long-term marriage and short-term lust, a Polish cleaning lady, a comfortable sofa, robberies, hit and run accidents, haircuts and gel, police, hospitals, comas, online porn, writing workshops, possible manslaughter, navel piercing and its seems I’ve got my hands full when putting it all out there like that. Maybe it’ll be done in another couple of months? No promises. Then let it rest in a dark drawer. Thereafter, baste according to taste.

Next to be published under my hidden people company later this year is the first in my series of ARTISTS, this one called BRUSSEGEM (A Snug Hell), and after that a kid’s book called THE BOY IN THE SANDWICH. BRUSSEGEM is all proofed and copy-edited, laid out, and ready to go except for the cover. Still have to photograph the village sign of Brussegem for the cover so the graphic designer can move forward but I’ve been waiting first for the snow to melt and now waiting for the rain to stop. Everything is completed with the kid’s book, but interior layout needs fine tuning and I’m having a meeting with friend/illustrator to do an illustration for the cover as well as for each chapter…which will then turn into t-shirts and suchlike spin-offs.

I have gotten a few kind interested souls wondering on how sales actually going after “How to Find Yourself” video campaign. Ah, thanks for asking, you and whoever, but I’m not counting at this point. My POD printer and Amazon only gives a statement every quarter and pay after 60 or 90 days. I’ll see when I see, but I’ll get on the ball about this and be A Serious Business Entity. My focus right now is creation with “the rest will follow” simple-minded hopefulness attached. This indie publishing company is based on a two year build. Meanwhile, more YouTube, more blog, more stories and social media and so on and very much so forth.

I have a pretty good story I’m posting this Friday (the less-than-600-words kind), and working on another matches video for next Wednesday and a “Self-Portrait of Someone Else” video on the reviews it received. And Don’t Don’t Don’t….

First 70 pages of Self-Portrait of Someone Else — online & free

Friday, February 12th, 2010

SELF-PORTRAIT OF SOME ELSE, novelAs I’m beginning to introduce the re-issue of my novel, Self-Portrait of Someone Else, into the big, wide world via blog, video, email, social networks and whatever else comes up, I want anyone interested to be able to read a sizeable chunk of the book. Just as you might when browsing a bookstore.And for free.

And yesyesyes, if they/you likey, buy the sucker.

Previously, I’ve put up two stand-alone story excerpts on this blog. You can also read/download those excerpts here at Hidden People.

Today I’m posting the first 70 pages of Self-Portrait of Someone Else (out of 244 pgs) in pdf. This way you can download the excerpt right to your hard disc or eReader—if it supports pdf files—and have at it during your grand and roomy leisure.

Here’s the link, along with that wondrous American word that sends you on your way, as though to a tasty meal: enjoy!)– Self-Portrait of Someone Else – first 70 pgs

Oh! You want to see the suspense-thriller bookie-trailer-type thing? Lucky, lucky you, just happen to have the link HERE–THE VIDEO.Novel, fiction, suspense, thriller

I’m using a rather chatty, throw-away style talking about this rather serious, intense book that got a lot of good reviews on its initial release and which I’ll bring up at another time, but using this chatty-shatty tone can happen when I feel I’m getting into buy-marketing-promoting-show-off mode; so I cover me up.

Book Trailer of “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Self-Portrait of Someone Else, Vincent Eaton, novel, book trailer

You’ll remember my series of videos for my humor book, “How to Find Yourself (or a reasonable facsimile)”–five in all. Now another book, completely different, and thus with a different approach.

“Self-Portrait of Someone Else” was originally published by Viking Penguin, N.Y. and is re-issued by hidden people limited. I suppose one could call it a psychological suspense thriller. Originally it was presented as a literary novel.

To view the video, CLICK HERE.

The approach I take with this video is more like a book trailer, giving a dramatic taste of the book. A “Teaser”, as they say in the biz.

Hope you like. If you like, spread. Thanks for reading this.


If you want to read a couple of stand-alone extracts of the novel, to get another sort of “taste”, here’s a link to ONE STORY and a SECOND STORY.

Matches – Tagawa (New digital story series)

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

Tagawa Restaurant and macth book

I’m introducing a new series of videos, or Digital Stories, on matches—match books I have collected from places I’ve been. These videos will be short, none running longer than two minutes. They will consist of whatever arises from of my memory when I hold the matches in my hand. I’ve been collecting matches for decades and I’ll be reaching into the jar, pulling one out, see what I remember.

Is this not just too, too exciting?

By the way, Digital Storytelling is based on the use of mostly still images, told in the personal voice of the storyteller, using images from one’s personal collection. I’ve been doing this for years. For more info, check out Center for Digital Storytelling.

Here’s the first one book of matches. Tagawa.