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A couple of doors down – video/story

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Body next door

It’s been a long while since I did a blog post. I have been writing, completing work that I started decades ago. I take breaks, make a video, work on my audio books. A while back I was regularly publishing very short fiction I called Noises in the House. Did a few videos on some, and I have made another.

Titled, A few doors down, you can view it at any one of these three sites where I loaded it up:




The original story can be read by clicking right here.

It’s about someone who died in his house and nobody missed him until the smell….

Have a look or read, as time or interest dictate. – Vincent

Monday will be Audio Day — the plan from here on

Monday, January 25th, 2010

As I’ve doing this blog, I’m finding what I want to put here (getting a better focus on it).

May 09 016

Here’s my new routine on this blog thingie:

Monday’s I’ll post audio clips of my books. I’m beginning here with the very beginning”Self-Portrait of Someone Else”. Each Monday, the next chapter…until it’s all there….


Wednesday’s I’ll post info on my writing or publishing or new videos or stuff in general.


Friday’s I’ll post a story. Often a “Noise in the House” short fiction piece (less than 1000 words, usually not more than 500 words). Or bits from whatever book I’m releasing into the world as a publication at that moment.

There, that will keep me out of trouble and, for interested visitors, a guideline to go by. Of course, if I evolve another idea for running this thing, you’ll be the second to know (I’ll be the first).

So, without further delay, my first audio post.

PART ONE, CHAPTER 1, “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”

Click here (option to download and make it a podcast if you right click and Save Source – listen when you want) :01 – PART ONE-Chap1

(Sound like a plan?) See you Wednesday….