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My ebooks are now available via KOBO

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

ebooks + Vincent Eaton + hidden people + availability
To date, my books, when offered as ebooks, have been available mostly on Amazon. Some people don’t particularly like Amazon’s business practices or too imposing online market share and shy away from doing business there, and I understand the reasoning. So, while my books appear on a number of competitive sites, perhaps one of the best alternatives is the independent KOBO, where my ebooks are now on offer.

My books are now available on KOBO. Click here.

That’s mostly it. Prices remain the same as on other sites (I try to keep that steady across platforms.) Announcement done.

Thanks for dropping by and having a read. – Vincent

“I am a Super Fan”

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

The original cover of my novel, "Self-Portrait of Someone Else" published by Viking-Penguin, N.Y.

Once in a while, from the wiggling foggy ether waves of the internet, something pleasing arrives without the least fanfare. A couple of days before last Christmas, an email from a complete stranger concerning my first novel, “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”, with the subject stating, “I am a Super Fan”, had this to say, in part:

“I read A Self Portrait of Someone Else years ago. It truly changed my life at that age (late teens). I am not sure why but I have often referenced memories from the book when dealing with my own issues. I guess Tim was kind of an anti role model for me. (…) As a teenager, I carried a briefcase around with a pile of poems I wrote (kind of some stuff Tim would have written if he were a poet), pictures of an ex that overdosed and a copy of your book. Pretty much, that was all of my worldly possessions at that time in life.”

Sometimes the purpose of what I perform in relative obscurity suddenly receives such raison d’etre.


Cover of the re-issed version

Rejection – Chapmans Publishers, UK

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Chapmans Publishers, UK, once wrote of a novel of mine: “Vincent Eaton has more imagination on each page of his writing than many an author has in a whole book.”

…This was the beginning of their rejection of the book….

I made a short video of the rejection letter:

Chapman Publishers rejection letter

Chapmans rejection letter in pdf file

Thanks for readng this. Vincent

Oh, and find the novel mentioned in this video RIGHT HERE.

3/5 – Rejection Letter — Hamish Hamilton, UK: reject my novel, I’ll still eat

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Here’s another in my occasional videos on rejection letters my first novel received (I have other rejection letters for other novels that I have received over the many years which also received excellent reviews as it was rejected, some of which I may or may not treat in video form one fine day).

This one concerns my only novel published by the mainstream, “Self-Portrait of Someone Else” (Viking-Penguin, New York) which tried to get some love from United Kingdom publishers by my then literary agent, Peter Lampack. This video is based on the letter and reader comments of Hamish Hamilton Limited publishers who sent the rejection to my agent, who passed it on to me. And I now pass it on to you…

One of their readers was kind in writing, “It is, however, powerful and impressive in its understanding and depiction of madness. The use of language is excellent and the style assured”.


If you want to read the actual letter from the publisher and readers, I’m posting them below in pdf files:

Hamish Hamilton rejection letter for Self-Portrait of Someone Else

Hamish Hamilton Reader Report One

Hamish Hamilton Reader Report Two

Here’s a video on this book and it is now available, both in ebook & print formats.

That’s that for this.

2/5 – Rejection Letter—Chatto & Windus, UK: Getting a novel published by the mainstream can seem like struggling to climb stairs on all fours half-naked.

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

This is my second video (of five) on rejection letters my first novel received. Click here to get to the previous video which explains the idea which I’m not repeating here because I got other things to do.

Some Back Story, nevertheless:
My only novel published by the mainstream, “Self-Portrait of Someone Else” (Viking-Penguin, New York) tried to get some love from United Kingdom publishers by my literary agent at that time. This video is based on the letter Chatto & Windus sent in reply to my agent, who passed it on to me.

Chatto & Windus and The Hogarth Press were generous with their no. Here’s a direct quote::“I was much impressed with it in certain ways—I found it a very intelligent novel in all sorts of ways.”


If you want to read the actual letter, here it is in a pdf : Chatto & Windus Rejection Letter.

I had some fun. You can leave comments (on this site at the bottom of this…or on the YouTube channel after you’ve seen it). Oh, and spread the video link to anyone you think might be amused, appalled or enlightened.

Here’s some stills from the video:

Thanks for reading and pushing it around. VE

My two published novels from 2009 are now available on Kindle

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

It’s taken a while but I have my two books up and running as Kindle eboooks, via Amazon, of course.

You can find the “link to Self-Portrait of Someone Else” here.

You can find the link “How to Find Yourself (or a reasonable facsimile)” here.

Pricing is $2.99 from
(Should insert “What a deal!” and other exclamation marks here.)

Purchasing these outside the USA will be higher than my stated price, as Amazon adds some suspect transfer fees, and as we know, it’s oh so much more expensive to download files in the USA compared to, say, Canada or Belgium. There’s little I can do about it currently, because at this point, it’s Amazon’s way or the highway. It will no doubt remain this way until Amazon, slowly but surely, gets its act together as Kindle distribution centers are established in the rest of world. *see below

Note: my base price stays of $2.99 is the same, no matter what you are charged.

Anyway, if you have a Kindle, you can get my books and have a happier summer, a more expansive life and all in all general all-purpose beatific experiences….

Thanks for reading.

* (Update Aug.6, 2010) I believe I was wrong when I first posted this. I just ran into this:
“…in most EU countries, taxes on e-books are double the taxes on p-books, thanks to a rather bizarre ruling of the European Commission, which decided that the supply of a “book on any physical support comes under supply of goods, whereas the downloading of an e-book is defined as a supply of services. Therefore different VAT rates apply.” This quite clearly means that according to EU bureaucrats, taxation on books should be lower, because they are printed on paper or stored on a DVD, and not because the book is a repository of culture and knowledge. Or to go one step further in this line of reasoning, for European bureaucrats the novels read on paper are culture, but the ones read on Kindle are not. I’m sure Marshall McLuhan would love this way of reasoning as it shows that European bureaucrats are true believers of his dictum that “the medium is the message”. However, in the context of the e-book trade, this puts European e-booksellers in a more difficult position than their American counterparts as they are burdened with higher taxes. ”
Link to this article.

1/5 – Rejection Letter—Grafton Books

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Writers are always rejected, or their manuscripts are. This comes under the heading of, Things As They Are. The rejection does not stop, and oddly apologies rarely follow.

Way back when my first novel, “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”, was published by Viking-Penguin, New York, my literary agent at that time, Peter Lampack Literary Agency, set out to sell this self-same manuscript to a number of publishers based in the United Kingdom. It was the next step in my conquering the world.

As the refusals full of praise and regret came in, copies of the letters were kindly forwarded to me. To give equal measures of hope and despair, as these letters contained some of the best reviews/comments this novel ever received.

Now, with the novel re-issued under my own imprint, hidden people limited, I thought, in the interests of writerly retro-masochism and in a spirit of fun, I could construct some short videos around five of the rejection letters.

This first one I’m releasing was from Grafton Books. This editor thought I had a heck of future ahead of me. Well, twenty years later, my future came and went and I gave it a friendly wave at it as it passed by. Today my publishing future is pinging about on a different level of hustle and gumption.

If you want to read the actual letter, I put it into a pdf file and it is right here: Grafton Book Rejection Letter

Here’s THE VIDEO LINK! Enjoy. Leave comments on this site just below, or on the YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading.

Oh, and if you never saw my original launch video for this book, CLICK HERE TO VIEW, or the video where I read some real newspaper reviews this novel received, including from the New York Sunday Review of Books, CLICK HERE to view.

Thanks for reading and seeing and coming ’round. VE

P.S. Oh, if, in case, who knows, if you’re not the proud owner of your very own copy, CLICK HERE TO HAVE A CLOSER LOOK, read excerpts, hear audio excerpts, and links to Amazon where the book is available as print and via Kindle….

Part Three, 3.3, audio book excerpt from “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Podcast of Vincent Eaton's Self-Portrait of Someone Else

Here’s the last excerpt of this book I’ll be running here. it is the conclusion of the long chapter 3 in part three of “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”
PodCast: PART THREE – 3.3 of “Self-Portrait of Someone Else

With this excerpt, I come to the end of my series of podcasts of this book. We’re almost halfway through the book, and by now you, kind reader-listener, get the idea. I am still in the midst of reviewing several online audiobook sales channels, and will make the complete audio book available when I’ve completed editing all the clips–a time-consuming job.

I hope you have enjoyed them. To the point where you will someday go to my publishing site, HIDDEN PEOPLE and purchase the version you wish (print, ebook/Kindle, audio), when it is all available…

Next up in my series of podcasts will be a handful of my “Noises in the House” short-shorts. After that, I’ll be launching my next novel, “Brussegem, a snug hell” and will release excerpts of the whole book over the summer. That’s the plan.

Thanks for reading this. Vincent

Part Three, 3.2, audio book excerpt from “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Podcast image

This audio excerpt from PART THREE, CHAPTER 3 (the second of three excerpts–as this is a long chapter–the final third will appear next Monday) of my novel “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”.

If you want to listen or download, click here:
27 – PART THREE – 3.2 – Self-Portrait of Someone Else

I hope you enjoy this, and thanks for listening.

Part Three, 3.1, audio book excerpt from “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Podcast image
This audio excerpt from PART THREE, CHAPTER 3 of my novel “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”, and is around 18 minutes or so in length. The second part of this chapter (3.2) will appear next week.

If you want to listen or download, click here:
27 – PART THREE – 3.1 – Self-Portrait of Someone Else

I hope you enjoy this, and thanks for listening.