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5/5 – Rejection: Victor Gollancz Ltd. Publishers

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


Victor Gollancz Ltd, UK Publishers, once wrote in rejecting my novel Self-Portrait of Someone Else: “I was very struck by it; it’s an extraordinarily powerful piece of work.”

Here’s the actual letter:

The letter in pdf:
Victor Gollancz Ltd. rejection letter in pdf

I can take the pain. Here’s a one-minute video to prove it: CLICK HERE TO WATCH


This is the fifth (and last) in a video series of this great, good book getting its backside kicked. Onward to indie publishing.

Here’s the previous video I did on this theme….

Rejection – Chapmans Publishers, UK

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Chapmans Publishers, UK, once wrote of a novel of mine: “Vincent Eaton has more imagination on each page of his writing than many an author has in a whole book.”

…This was the beginning of their rejection of the book….

I made a short video of the rejection letter:

Chapman Publishers rejection letter

Chapmans rejection letter in pdf file

Thanks for readng this. Vincent

Oh, and find the novel mentioned in this video RIGHT HERE.

1/5 – Rejection Letter—Grafton Books

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Writers are always rejected, or their manuscripts are. This comes under the heading of, Things As They Are. The rejection does not stop, and oddly apologies rarely follow.

Way back when my first novel, “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”, was published by Viking-Penguin, New York, my literary agent at that time, Peter Lampack Literary Agency, set out to sell this self-same manuscript to a number of publishers based in the United Kingdom. It was the next step in my conquering the world.

As the refusals full of praise and regret came in, copies of the letters were kindly forwarded to me. To give equal measures of hope and despair, as these letters contained some of the best reviews/comments this novel ever received.

Now, with the novel re-issued under my own imprint, hidden people limited, I thought, in the interests of writerly retro-masochism and in a spirit of fun, I could construct some short videos around five of the rejection letters.

This first one I’m releasing was from Grafton Books. This editor thought I had a heck of future ahead of me. Well, twenty years later, my future came and went and I gave it a friendly wave at it as it passed by. Today my publishing future is pinging about on a different level of hustle and gumption.

If you want to read the actual letter, I put it into a pdf file and it is right here: Grafton Book Rejection Letter

Here’s THE VIDEO LINK! Enjoy. Leave comments on this site just below, or on the YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading.

Oh, and if you never saw my original launch video for this book, CLICK HERE TO VIEW, or the video where I read some real newspaper reviews this novel received, including from the New York Sunday Review of Books, CLICK HERE to view.

Thanks for reading and seeing and coming ’round. VE

P.S. Oh, if, in case, who knows, if you’re not the proud owner of your very own copy, CLICK HERE TO HAVE A CLOSER LOOK, read excerpts, hear audio excerpts, and links to Amazon where the book is available as print and via Kindle….