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Steps needed to take from completed book to publication

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

For those interested in the steps needs to take after a book is completed (as an independent publisher) to get it out into the world, this is it. At least, my steps. And I’m always refining this step-by-step To Do monster….

1. Line edit by professional
2. Cover design
3. Blog & social sites announcements (bi-weekly Facebook Fans — continuing)
4. Produce information sheet – description, size, price, background
5. Begin working on Stories on Stuff – spin-offs (continuing)
6. Record/edit audio book (continuing)
7. Interior layout
8. Break book into pdf chapters for download
9. Register ISBN numbers—print, eBook, Audio
10. Organize Blog tour
11. Submit to printer Lighting Source
12. Submit to various online listings
13. Press Release creation
14. Create videos (continuing)
15. Set-up online: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s Books, Google Books Partner Program, others
16. Amazon links on Hidden People
17. eBooks upload—Kindle & others
18. Audio distribution
19. Publication Day
20. Announce publications on social sites & email contacts, reviewers, other. (continuing)
21. Buy inexpensive ad on the Kindle Nation newsletter
22. Upload to Completely Novel, BookBuzzer, others.
23. Forward book to reviewers, pre-print copies (continuing)
24. Offer to targeted reading groups, associations, conferences (continuing)
25. Weekly serialized pdfs & audio samples on Blog
26. Announce Online Stories on Stuff tie-in
27. Review Google ads feasibility