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David Byrne does it for me

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I’m not going to get into the heavy habit of placing huge amounts of links for tons of other sites, whether writers, publishers, artists, whatnot. I’m big on the attention span drain that can occur online and off. Easy does it my modest motto in this. However. Once in a while, I want to mention something or someone that I always look forward to.

I subscribe to quite a number–some days way too many–blogs. Yet I’m always pleased to see entry from David Byrne. Him of Talking Heads fame, and many, many projects in many different areas since. His site layout and thoughts are clean, considered, enlightened and connected. And he doesn’t put out that many posts, so he is always welcome. He takes good (or fines & sources) photos and is very socially minded, about city layouts, environment and artistic matters, how much is interconnected. So….

…for those interested in visiting, click on the man’s face—