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Acting in a corporate video playing a Researcher against a green screen

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Last year I played a “Researcher” in a corporate video.

I played it against “green screen,” meaning nothing that you see, except me, was there when we shot it.

More clarity. I was told where to place a finger and push, then pull invisible graphs out of mid-air, push airy nothings off screen or crush them, often pointing my finger at specific places where there was nothing to point at and all the while looking intrigued. (Much like a self-assured madman.)

Everything around me was green, because that is one the two best colors to work with when dealing with special effects (the other is blue screen). So every visual you see was added in post-production.

It was repetitive (“This time point your finger just an inch more to the left.”) and time consuming (“Let’s try that again, but say the third word looking slightly up, and then at the beginning of the second sentence glance right as though you are looking at a scientific results, and be enthusiastic but professional, and remember, point your finger a bit more to the left.”) but all seemed satisfied in the end. (This video is just a fragment of what resulted.)


Thanks for dropping by. – Vincent+

Videos of me playing corporate character “Victor Tytonius”

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Excuse this double dose of me in so short a time, but there’s a lot of launches and stuff going on, yet it’ll all calm down into something regular and orderly shortly.

Recently got cast to play an on-going character for corporate presentations.

It needed some humor, earnestness, what’s left of my hair slapped back and down, and all done on green screen. Meaning I was playing against an empty green screen set and then they added all the visual elements in post-production.

When I’m flying around this way and that, it was just a guy off-screen with a pole pushing this precarious pedestal I was standing on to a little to the left or to the right; very basic. But showbiz effects seem to have made it work. They liked the results…more in the pipeline…

Here’s the link: CLICK HERE TO GO TO VIDEOS.

The third one on Chemical Protection is the most “fun”. Skip the voice over, because it’s rather long.

Thanks for reading/watching, and your interest!