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“I am a Super Fan”

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

The original cover of my novel, "Self-Portrait of Someone Else" published by Viking-Penguin, N.Y.

Once in a while, from the wiggling foggy ether waves of the internet, something pleasing arrives without the least fanfare. A couple of days before last Christmas, an email from a complete stranger concerning my first novel, “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”, with the subject stating, “I am a Super Fan”, had this to say, in part:

“I read A Self Portrait of Someone Else years ago. It truly changed my life at that age (late teens). I am not sure why but I have often referenced memories from the book when dealing with my own issues. I guess Tim was kind of an anti role model for me. (…) As a teenager, I carried a briefcase around with a pile of poems I wrote (kind of some stuff Tim would have written if he were a poet), pictures of an ex that overdosed and a copy of your book. Pretty much, that was all of my worldly possessions at that time in life.”

Sometimes the purpose of what I perform in relative obscurity suddenly receives such raison d’etre.


Cover of the re-issed version