Read Chapters 4-6, The Boy in the Sandwich, children’s novel

In this part, “The Boy in the Sandwich” is being eaten by his brother–that’s the above illustration…

From the beginning of Chapter 4:
I found out that blue spiders, who do all sorts of recreating and lots of creating most of the time, resulting in lots and lots of a million and more spider babies, find it easier to have everyone’s birthday on the same day every three weeks, because they figured who could remember a million and more birthday dates for the members of just your immediate family?
“So Happy Birthday Everybody!” everybody screamed, shouted and yelled at one another inside my sandwich, all blowing out the candles on the million and more cakes at the same time.

After the last free sample of the beginning of the book (click here to see/read/listen), and here I am to offer for your reading pleasure chapters 4 to 6 that follow–in easy-to-read .pdf format:
The Boy in the Sandwich, Chapter 4 to 6

I’ll post the (also free) audio version of these shortly for those who like listening to my voice narrating the story….

Thanks for reading this. – Vincent


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  1. Karin Lundström Rawden says:

    Monthly b-day parties for all the little ones is practised here at the pre-school in Skellefte√• in Sweden. It is a great idea. And it is great to have moved to Sweden and be back in one’s one sugar concerned culture with sweets only on Saturdays and now cake only once per month…

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