The Boy in the Sandwich – Read chapters 1-3, Hear 1-2

After the adult-themed, art-and-love exploring short novel “Brussegem, a snug hell”, now arrives my happy, weirded-out children’s book, The Boy in the Sandwich.

Now you may be interested in this, or you might know a younger member of the human race who might be really interested. Although, in time-honored tradition, I call this shortish kid’s book suitable for readers of all ages (8 and up, up, up)..

But nobody wants to buy a sandwich without knowing whether it tastes good, so I’m making available some sample chapters. Tasty!

To read the first three chapters in a pdf file (which you can save for reading at your leisure), click here:
The Boy in the Sandwich, Chapters 1 & 2

To hear or download the chapters to listen to when and where you wish, I offer an mpg file of the same two chapters. Click here to listen:
The Boy in the Sandwich – audio clips – chapters 1 & 2

Have a good read.

Have a nice listen.

Hope you like. I’ll be sending some more chapters in the next couple of weeks. Just so you know.
And thanks for visiting. –Vincent

Oh. Small ps.
This kids’ fiction is available online right now. Go to this place!

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2 Responses to “The Boy in the Sandwich – Read chapters 1-3, Hear 1-2”

  1. Saskia says:

    Wow, you gave us not two but three whole chapters! :-)))
    I’m a sucker for children’s books and I sure enjoyed the start of this one. It has a Lewis Carol like feel like it – good blend of (six year old) logic and absurdity. Nicely done!

  2. Saskia,
    You said the magic two words: “Lewis Carroll”.
    Now I’m all fuzzy-woozy inside. Big smile.

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