Story – A bit of a blur

When, at odd moments during the day, when Roger moved his hand, it blurred. Which caught his attention. He dropped everything to stare at his hand. Waiting for it to come back into focus.

Later, his hand affected his arm, and it too became a bit blurry. And now standing naked before the bathroom mirror, he didn’t see himself. He saw a blur. He reached out toward the blur, but that too turned out to be a blur.

“Honey, come see. I’m out of focus.”
“What do you mean, again?”

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2 Responses to “Story – A bit of a blur”

  1. leemans says:

    yeah, how to find and know yourself.

  2. Anneke says:

    Great surreal atmosphere. I love it. So much said and in between in this very short story.

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