Videos of me playing corporate character “Victor Tytonius”

Excuse this double dose of me in so short a time, but there’s a lot of launches and stuff going on, yet it’ll all calm down into something regular and orderly shortly.

Recently got cast to play an on-going character for corporate presentations.

It needed some humor, earnestness, what’s left of my hair slapped back and down, and all done on green screen. Meaning I was playing against an empty green screen set and then they added all the visual elements in post-production.

When I’m flying around this way and that, it was just a guy off-screen with a pole pushing this precarious pedestal I was standing on to a little to the left or to the right; very basic. But showbiz effects seem to have made it work. They liked the results…more in the pipeline…

Here’s the link: CLICK HERE TO GO TO VIDEOS.

The third one on Chemical Protection is the most “fun”. Skip the voice over, because it’s rather long.

Thanks for reading/watching, and your interest!

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