Connotation Press publishes my Creative Nonfiction piece “The Newspaper Shop”

Connotation Press, an online magazine, selected a personal essay of mine, concerning a time in the early eighties when I worked in a magazine shop. It’s under their creative nonfiction column this month.

Click here for a direct link to my piece.

Click here to to the editor’s comments for this November issue.

Click to link to the Amazon book page of the editor who selected my piece, Robert Clark Young.

This piece will find itself into my personal essay/creative nonfiction collection, “Intimate Details & Bodily Functions” which is 80% done, but will probably only see the publishing light of day in 2012.

Thanks for your interest. — Vincent

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2 Responses to “Connotation Press publishes my Creative Nonfiction piece “The Newspaper Shop””

  1. peter holbrook says:

    I don’t remember you having this job back in the days of our air mail correspondence. Perfect one though for gathering fodder for your stories. I wonder if guys still leaf through the Playboys in newspaper shops. There is so much of that on line. These short pieces are interesting, like the Dorothy Parker slice-of-life stories of yore.

  2. Saskia Vincent says:

    Wow, I absoluetly loved that story. You really nail all those nationalities and quirky individuals. Snifflers, yikes.
    I don’t know if you intended it to be funny, but because everything is described with meticulous dry precision – even the wet noises, it becomes absolutely hilarious. To me, that is. But people never laugh when I tell a joke and roll on the floor when I’m dead serious, so it might be me… Anyway, this was a lovely read. Thx!

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