Here’s my blog plan for the next little bit of life

This writer has gone off his schedule on this blog since hopping off to Italy for five days a few weeks back. I let things lay, took off, came back, and made an entry here and there, and then my hands got full.

My usual schedule of
Monday=audio clip,
Friday=short-short story,
took a hit. Sure, I did some audio, one video, a couple of stories, then last week, dropped it all. As I formed my next immediate moves.

Interesting, my time off from posting showed up in the visits, i.e. Goggle statistics, showed a dropping off, an equal laying low. Yet I’ve been busy.

I did get some unexpected voice over jobs during this time (although most voice over jobs are usually unexpected). But also landed a sizeable job of shooting seven videos round town, and then downloading, now editing for delivery. This is called Real Money to support my budding publishing and free storytelling gifts to my world.

Yet I’m recording audio for three books (two out, one coming up), and editing it, and recording videos, and editing them, and toying with new stories, and about to post some. Been working, and getting ready to post. And getting my two published novels Kindle ready.

So right now I’m juggling right-now-money-work and my someday-over-there-money-work; a balancing act between meals now and dream meals in a future time and place.

Anyway, this right now is written to mention I’m busy and everything’s getting back to shape on the storytelling front. With more story goodies to arrive.

Elsewhere I promised not to write many or at least not too many posts on writing, publishing and related activity, but I have developed a backlog of material and will be posting a bunch of them in the days/weeks ahead.

On what?

— Update on what it takes to pull off a one-man publishing company.

— Announcements on upcoming launches if new, new stuff.

— About where I get my ideas for stories.

— About my story and videos, Red Ball and Max Dix, brings hits huge extra from porno sites.

— Multimedia (Vook, et al) books and where I’m headed with that, and what’s happing.

— eBooks and more ebook news.

— And some more fun videos on my book rejections, and my sales, on my connections. And, if time permits, my soul.

There, you’ve been warned.

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