Part Three, 3.3, audio book excerpt from “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”

Podcast of Vincent Eaton's Self-Portrait of Someone Else

Here’s the last excerpt of this book I’ll be running here. it is the conclusion of the long chapter 3 in part three of “Self-Portrait of Someone Else”
PodCast: PART THREE – 3.3 of “Self-Portrait of Someone Else

With this excerpt, I come to the end of my series of podcasts of this book. We’re almost halfway through the book, and by now you, kind reader-listener, get the idea. I am still in the midst of reviewing several online audiobook sales channels, and will make the complete audio book available when I’ve completed editing all the clips–a time-consuming job.

I hope you have enjoyed them. To the point where you will someday go to my publishing site, HIDDEN PEOPLE and purchase the version you wish (print, ebook/Kindle, audio), when it is all available…

Next up in my series of podcasts will be a handful of my “Noises in the House” short-shorts. After that, I’ll be launching my next novel, “Brussegem, a snug hell” and will release excerpts of the whole book over the summer. That’s the plan.

Thanks for reading this. Vincent

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