Vincent Eaton acting in French television film – 2010

Early in 2010, a television film came and went that I had a bit part in. I’ve heavily edited this just to highlight my minor participation in it. I speak bad French, heavily accented, which was my job as gallery owner, Howard, to the star of the television film.

There are no subtitles.

Click here to go to the video.

Vincent Eaton in first scene in French telefilm

Vincent Eaton in second scene in French telefilm

Vincent Eaton acting in scene from television film

My previous entry on this: CLICK HERE FOR POST.

If you want a behind-the-scenes report on the making of this film, see this post of mine: CLICK HERE!


5 Responses to “Vincent Eaton acting in French television film – 2010”

  1. leemans says:

    well done, the hair was maybe a bit longish but everything super…

  2. Andrea says:

    Hey! You were great! Fred`s impressed you had a scene with Bruno Madinier! Who`s the woman? She looked familiar…

  3. I have a number of people who emailed comments, and would like to include here; not everyone is up to speed on commenting on sites…:-)

    Eric LEFEVRE:
    What a surprise! I love that so much! Your accent on your talent is a pure French diamond! Believe me!
    Next time, you’ll be at the César’s Ceremony!

    Maurice Seewald:
    Very nice,
    le beurre et l’argent de labeur.

    Teri Smith:
    Okay, that was just wonderful. Thank you so much for sending it. You are a very talented actor.

    benedicte gadron:
    I love your accent! A mixture of German/English/Gay… Bravo, Vincent, very convincing!!!

    Kathryn Gahl:
    Ooooh, you!

    Martin Westlake
    A star is born.

    Andrea BUCK
    Cool I like you acting J I hope you’re well !

    Douglas Eaton:
    Are you A miiilliionaire yet bro?

  4. Sarah Strange:

    Loved it, where did you get the green trousers!!!?
    Warm congrats from
    Sarah, your faithful fan

  5. Cara Uyttebroeck says:

    I LOVE the accent !!!!!!!!!

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