A song, the businessman, memory lapse, an actor with scruples

Another week, another video.

In performing what is often called Promotion for this first book that my publishing company is launching, one would offer to the market a single video, maybe two. I, however, have more than just a couple of videos, mainly because I enjoy making them and have talented people willing and at hand.

Anyway, I have little interest in “offering to the market”. How about just entertaining some folks who like the kind of stuff I do.

The four bits in this video did not find their way into last week’s “Reader Testimonials” video (see my previous blog post) because they deserved more room, more breathing space, were slightly different in approach than the others (each unfolds over time) and hey they cut well together.

As always, hope you who read this enjoy this offering. Make a comment on the YouTube comments page, or this blog if you are so inclined. Mostly, if you like, that’s enough. If you want to pass along to others you know, happy days all around.

Next week, another vid. I think it’ll be one where they read out favorite bits from the book.
Book cover, partial

Here’s the link:

A song, the businessman, memory lapse, an actor with scruples

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3 Responses to “A song, the businessman, memory lapse, an actor with scruples”

  1. Tanya says:

    Arent you just clever vincent!!! I love it! By the way, this is the first time EVER that I have written on a blog site!!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks there, Tanya. Glad you likee videoee, and glad you popped your Blog cherry with me…so to speak….

  3. Free Mov says:

    Waugh. Great blog. Found it by accident when I search for actor bio. But belive me, I´ll come back to this great blog

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